ATU (All Traction Utility)

ATU (All Traction Utility)

  • All Traction Utility
  • Designed for industrial and light construction equipment
  • Reinforced sidewalls for greater cut resistance
  • Rugged construction

Customer Benefits

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Save time in the field

Firestone agricultural products are developed to make farming more efficient. Excellent traction and self-cleaning in combination with the possibility to carry heavier implements or more load result in a significant gain of time. The interesting D/E-speed rated tyres allow you to drive on the road at high speeds, contributing to even more time-savings.

Outstanding road handling and comfort

Due to optimised lug- and tread designs, Firestone tyres produce maximum traction in the field and better handling on the road. You can be sure of very accurate steering- and braking response. Renewed tyre-carcasses offer improved damping-characteristics, contributing to a more comfortable drive without vibrations and road noise. We care about your well-being.

Long and reliable wear

Optimised compounds and a unique tyre-construction in function to the task to be performed make Firestone tyres extremely durable so they last longer. Flatter and wider threads in combination with an optimised lug design lead to even pressure distribution on the road, resulting in a uniform wear and extended tyre-life. Firestone products keep on performing, even when half-worn out.

Tyre Sizes

Rim Size Tyre Size
18 10.5 / 80 - 18 10 PR TL - ATU HC
12.0/12.5 - 18 12 PR TL - ATU
20 12.5 - 20 10 PR TL - ATU
24 12.4 - 24 12 PR TT - ATU
14.9-24 12 ATU
16.9-24 12 ATU
17.5L-24 10 ATU
19.5L-24 12 ATU
21L-24 12 ATU
28 16.9 - 28 10 PR TT - ATU
16.9 - 28 14 PR TT - ATU
18.4-28 12 ATU