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Firestone Performer 65 tractor radial tyre

Firestone Performer 65 tractor radial tyre

Meeting farmers’ needs on the road and in the field

Less soil compaction, more ride comfort and higher speed index

Firestone has expanded its family of Performer radial tyres with the European launch of the Performer 65 for medium-sized tractors in general farming applications.

The Performer 65 offers farmers the advantages of a higher speed rating (up 70km/h), increased load carrying capability at more than 20km/h , improved ride comfort and lower soil compaction than the popular Firestone R9000 Evo tyre it replaces, while maintaining its predecessor’s high-level traction, self cleaning and cut resistance.

The 65 series is one of the fastest growing segments in the agricultural radial tyre market and demand has grown steadily in recent years. The Performer 65 completes “The Performer Family”: the Performer 85 launched in 2009 and the Performer 70 introduced in 2010.

"Market research and customer feedback in Europe tell us that ride comfort and soil compaction are increasingly important for farmers today working with larger and faster tractors, heavy loads and a more intensive use of machinery. The Performer 65 has been developed to meet these needs." James Zhu, Manager Agricultural Tyre Replacement, Bridgestone Europe

The Firestone Performer 65 tyre is on display at the EIMA show.

Developed and tested in Europe

The new Performer 65 has been designed at Firestone’s European research centre in Italy. The tyre features Firestone’s unique dual-angle lug technology, which produces a larger lug traction area and creates less soil disturbance than conventional designs. Combined with an increased crown radius (‘flat tread’) and increased sidewall deflection which produces a bigger tyre footprint, the Performer 65 creates less soil compaction and more ride comfort than its predecessor. The tyre is manufactured at Firestone Europe’s specialist agricultural tyre plant in Puente San Miguel, Spain.

With the new Performer 65, Firestone aims to continue its commitment to the agricultural industry with a focus on increasing farming efficiency. The tyre, which is produced for the replacement and original-equipment market in several sizes, will help Firestone strengthen its position in the very competitive and technologically demanding European agricultural tyre market.